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With hundreds of soccer coaching ideas at your fingertips, you’ll never spend time looking for a coaching session again. Content ranges from full coaching sessions and practices to expert interviews, guides and articles.

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It’s our aim to provide Coaches with professional standard coaching content to improve the level of coaching standard globally. As a grassroots coach or an amateur club, it’s really difficult to access best practice coaching. The Coaching Manual solves this problem by taking coaches at any level inside the walls of top academies.

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All of our coaching content is filmed with Southampton F.C. in broadcast camera quality. This standard of coaching will give you the tools you need to deliver top quality coaching sessions.

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Whether you are a grassroots or professional coach, you can find value in our library of coaching sessions. Each session is designed and built to meet the needs of Coaches and players, including; introduction, warm up, skill practice, technical practice, small sided game and debrief.

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With plans to suit everyone, The Coaching Manual is the perfect resource for soccer coaches who want to improve their understanding of coaching and create a first-class soccer learning environment for their players.