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Clubs are the beating heart of soccer at whatever level, they provide the environment and the people that allow youngsters to fall in love with the beautiful game and, at The Coaching Manual, clubs are at the heart of our thinking. It’s why we’ve created an amazing suite of tools for our club users.

Key features for clubs

  • Club Admin: Use your club admin panel to add your teams, coaches and players.
  • Content Access: Club packages will unlock all of our great content for you and your coaches, allowing them access to verified coaching resources from a world-leading academy.
  • Coach Upgrades: Club accounts allow you, the club owner, to upgrade the coaches you want to upgrade and you can remove their access at any time too.
  • Season Plans: As club owner, you can add an age-appropriate season plan to any of your teams in minutes, saving hours of planning time for everyone involved in education at the club.
  • Folders: As club owner, you can set ball mastery homework tasks for individual teams or for entire age groups in minutes.

Used by grassroots and professional clubs and academies

Club packages start for 5 Upgrades to your coaches along with 5 teams, but we currently provide clubs with 100+ coaches with access. Sign up to a Coaching Manual Club account today and unlock an incredible array of tools to help you, your club, your coaches and your players get better quicker and enjoy the game more. Get in touch with our team and receive a free two-week trial of our club account.

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