This guide covers:

Season Plans
Create your own or use our ready-made age-appropriate plans. You might only get one or two hours a week with your players, so you should be making sure you make the best use of your training sessions.

Club Philosophy
Learn how professional clubs develop and communicate their playing styles and philosophies, and how you can do the same with The Coaching Manual's suite of easy-to-use tools.

New Coaches
The start of a new season will likely mean you have new coaches joining your club. From setting up their first session to understanding development plans, we've got everything they'll need to get started - and excel.

Player Psychology and Parent Relationships
As coaches, we also bear a responsibility to ensure we provide the right environment for our players and the parents who trust us with their wellbeing. We've got content to support the mental as well as the physical side of things.

Coach Education
If you run your season using The Coaching Manual's plans and sessions, your players are guaranteed to improve. But over the course of the season, you will develop your own understanding of the game with our extensive library of theoretic guides, webinars, and articles.

What the coaches say

Coaches all around the world, of all levels from grassroots to professional academies, benefit from the content we provide. Check out what some of our users have said below.

Jamie Killeen

Northern New Hampshire Soccer Cub

"What The Coaching Manual has helped us to do is build a training program. I've been in soccer here in the States for 35 years. I've been to many different clubs, rec programs, college programs, high level club programs, high school programs, and not one has ever put me through a training program.

"That makes no sense whatsoever. If you want to be the best at something - if you want to be the best soccer player, if you want to be the best accountant, or the best lawyer - you're going to need someone to teach you how to do that, and that's what The Coaching Manual is for us."

Gary Crooks

Calgary Rangers

"I feel that The Coaching Manual platform, with its video content, animations, how you are able to create the sessions, and aesthetically as well - it's very easy to follow. That's from some of the feedback I've had from coaches.

"It also means they can refer to their plans at any point. They're not going to have a lot of time to look at session plans, so now that we are able to plan things weeks in advance they can look at the sessions that are coming up. The Coaching Manual is a really good fit to help us and develop that program."

Luke McAvoy

MSB Woolton

"Since we set up with The Coaching Manual, personally, I think it's a really good site. The content gives you inspiration but I've especially found the season planner useful. We're all volunteers, and the season planner really helps us keep on top of things."

"The content that you get access to [on The Coaching Manual] is a lot different from jumping on YouTube and trying to find a video. It's a lot more structured, best practice in a sense, so what we've got to do is promote best practice and that's probably where The Coaching Manual helps us the most."

Tim Phlegar

Northwest FC

"I brought The Coaching Manual to our club. Like a lot of coaches, I was browsing YouTube, and I kept coming across The Coaching Manual's content, and then one of those days I just clicked in and thought wow - there's a lot more out here than I realised.

"Every year I do a check and say 'hey guys, do we want to keep this?' and everybody's like 'yes, please!' - one year I accidentally let our renewal expire, and my phone blew up that day. Everybody was asking what happened to The Coaching Manual!"

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