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If you need assistance navigating the website or have a budding question that you need answering, you've come to the right place. Don't forget, our Customer Service team are on Live Chat 9am-5pm GMT.

Tutorial: Basics of Website Navigation - 2017 Version

Tutorial: Edit Profile - 2017 Version

Tutorial: Create Club Add/Delete Teams - 2017 Version

Tutorial: Create/Edit your team - 2017 Version

Tutorial: Using Favourites - 2017 Version

Tutorial: Creating and Sharing Folders - 2017 Version

Tutorial: Social Features and Activity Feed - 2017 Version

Tutorial: Season Plans - 2017 Version

What are the differences between the packages?

Each of our packages are explained on our Pricing Page 

How can I upgrade my account?

With Card Details -


Select the 'Edit Profile' button in your Locker, this will take you to the edit profile panel, then you need to select the 'Change Plan' option in the left hand navigation bar.


Select 'Edit Profile' in your locker, then from the 'Profile Menu' navigation at the top of your browser, select the 'Change Plan' option.

No Card Details:

Select the 'Billing' option in your profile edit panel and add a valid credit card in the correct boxes. Hit update and your card will be saved (but you'll have to enter your security code each time.

My card's been declined, what do I do?

We accept payment by all major credit and debit cards. Our online payment system is protected by SSL. We believe this to be the most secure way for you to purchase online.

If your card is declined check that you entered the card information correctly and that there are sufficient funds available to make the purchase.

Occasionally, for club accounts spending more than $600, your bank may require that you notify them of the intention to make the transaction.

Where is the age appropriate content from the old site?

Make sure you add the age of the teams you coach, so that we can make sure the age-appropriate content is delivered to you.

Do we provide content for older age groups?

Our attention to customer need means we have an extensive resource of coaching sessions for all ages groups (U5-U16). We are constantly developing new content with our partners, including every age group.

Top tip - You can segment the age groups by using the Search Tool.

Why is my content locked?

Locked content is only available to Paid subscribers. If you hold a Free/Starter membership you will need to upgrade to unlock your account. If you hold a Rec, Team or Club membership and cannot access content, please contact us via Live Chat or email.

I've forgotten my password, can you send it to me?

To ensure maximum security for our customers we do not save or store any passwords. To reset your password, select the 'Reset Password' option on the login page.

I’ve read all of the above and I still can’t log in

Please contact us at help@thecoachingmanual.com

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