We understand that managing the day-to-day of a club/team is a necessary component of facilitating an organisation.

We aimed to streamline the administrative processes and provide coaches with an easy-to-use platform that reduces the time spent managing the club.

We locate our management features in an area of your account called ‘Locker Room’. It acts as a dashboard for your administrative tasks as well as a hub for your coaching content.

Our features include; User-generated content, Folders, Notes, Favourites, Social, Activity Feed, custom profile, public profile page, add/remove teams, inviting coaches/players, adding Head coaches.

From sharing content with your players, to creating a curriculum to share with parents, our management features are designed to save you time and help distill club philosophy.

Inviting players

Invite your players to join your club/team to view content that you share with them. You can invite your players via email and share content or Season Plans.

Need a tool to take the hassle out of administration?

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