Players are SIX TIMES more likely to be unhappy at their club, if the club doesn't communicate with their parents

We explore some of the findings of the TCM Parent Survey 2022

May 9th 2022

Written by The Coaching Manual

Did you know: Players are SIX times more likely to be unhappy at their soccer club if the club doesn't regularly communicate with their parents?

Last month, The Coaching Manual surveyed thousands of player parents as part of the TCM Parent Survey 2022, and some of the results make for very interesting reading.

We asked parents a number of questions, including ones about their child's happiness in the sport, satisfaction with their current club, and whether or not they were likely to quit soccer altogether soon.

We also asked questions about their child's club itself, including whether or not it communicated regularly with parents, and their overall relationship with stakeholders in their players' soccer journeys.

One of the more interesting findings from the TCM Parent Survey - to which we had more than 20,000 responses - was that only 4% of children whose club sends regular parent communications (such as practice guides or nutrition guides) said they were unhappy, compared with 23.6% whose club does not send such communications. In other words, children are 6 TIMES more likely to be unhappy at their club, and considering leaving soon, if their club does not maintain a strong relationship with their parent(s).

What does this mean?

It is vital for parents to take an interest in their child's soccer journey in order for them to get the most out of their overall experience. But sometimes parents can be over-zealous, over-enthusiastic, and end up being a detrimental influence on their child one way or another.

More and more clubs these days have communications strategies that involve sending materials for the benefit of their players' parents as well as their players. These include:

  • Matchday guides
  • At-home practice guides
  • Nutrition guides
  • Injury support guides
  • Mental health support guides
  • And much more...

What can my club do?

The Coaching Manual offers a library of invaluable guides that are ideal for sharing with your players' parents, thereby including them in their child's soccer journey in a supportive and positive way.

Our content includes a comprehensive parent guide to creating a soccer routine that you can see for free here, but with a wealth of other useful parent support materials and tools that help keep your players happy, we can help your club for years to come - just drop us a line on to discuss other ways we can help.

More from the TCM Parent Survey

We will be releasing more findings from the TCM Parent Survey, including the full results and report, in the coming weeks. To be the first to access the findings, and for exclusive access to the full results, subscribe to a Premium membership today! Sign up here.

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