How are The Coaching Manual's coaches approaching the new season?

We asked some of the coaches within The Coaching Manual team what their first ‘proper’ training session looked like this season, and why?

Aug 27th 2021

Written by The Coaching Manual

Many leagues around the country and around the world are either back under way following pre-season, or returning to competition very soon, so we asked some of the coaches within The Coaching Manual team what their first ‘proper’ training session looked like, and why?


Steven Crane - Foundation phase coach (u11)

Steven is a FA UEFA B licensed football coach and U11 coach at a Premier League Academy, as well as Head of Player Development and Education at The Coaching Manual.

Dribbling to Create 1v1 and 2v1 situations - click here for the full session.

Session breakdown:

“The first session back should focus on, high intensity game-related practices. The players have missed out on opportunities to be creative and have touches on the ball, so this is a great time to allow them to do this”


Paul Bright - Youth Development phase coach (12-16)

Paul is a UEFA A Licence and USSF A Licence coach, and is Technical Director at The Coaching Manual.

Transition to Defend - click here for the full session

Session breakdown:

"This session is an opportunity to develop your players by teaching them the right mindset when seeking to regain possession. It's a fast-paced session so as well as an opportunity for learning, it helps players prepare for the season ahead."


Lee Fletcher - Development phase coach (16+)

Lee’s coaching qualifications include UEFA B Coaching Award, and he has various experiences in Europe in different capacities. Lee is now Head of Content with The Coaching Manual..

Transition to Regaining the Ball - click here for the full session

Session breakdown

"These practices are great for replicating the pace of a competitive match, which players need to be able to keep up now the season has started - the session also requires players to hone their quick decision-making skills while under pressure."

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