My TCM: Tom Cunliffe

Tom, a coach who provides extra-curricular soccer coaching for school children, shares his TCM story.

Nov 11th 2020

Written by The Coaching Manual

In the first of our 'My TCM' series in which we invite people to tell us a bit about how TCM helps them in their coaching roles, we spoke with UK-based Premium subscriber Tom Cunliffe.

He said: "I started off at Little Sports Coaching and have never looked back - I have done this for roughly 13 years now."

Tom currently works for Soccerwise, based in Cheshire, who provide extra-curricular soccer training for lunchtimes, PE lessons, and after-school clubs.

He said: "I heard about The Coaching Manual through word-of-mouth and have been using it for a long time - it's massively helped me improve as a coach. It also definitely helps to communicate our philosophy and it has opened up some ideas and thoughts within our company."

To continue developing throughout the COVID-19 lockdown period, Tom is taking part in The Coaching Manual Certificate Level 1, which he describes as a "great course".

He added: "Without a doubt, I look forward to Monday to see more of the course content and just to see if you got more interviews or training sessions I can do with the kids so I can adapt them."

Thanks, Tom!

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