Movement & Mobility content round-up

The session and guides that will help you understand (and coach) Movement and Mobility.

Jan 25th 2023

Written by The Coaching Manual

As with each principle of our Principles of Play series, there's a lot of educational content surrounding Movement & Mobility for you to get your teeth into. As well as the broadcast-quality video session, there is also a series of guides to further support your understanding of the principles.

You may already be familiar with our Principles of Play content, but if not, you can familiarise yourself with the importance of the Principles of Play here. All coaches should be able to understand and teach the Principles of Play, and this content series makes it easy and educational for everyone.

In this article, we take a look at the full round-up of the content from thePrinciple of Movement & Mobility.

The Session

Movement & Mobility

In this session by UEFA PRO Licence Tutor Martin Hunter, coach your players on how to use the principles of movement and mobility. Click here to get the session



In this article, we will discuss the techniques of movement and mobility. Get the guide here.

Key Factors

This guide covers the Key Factors of Movement and Mobility as a Principle of Play. Get the guide here.

Defensive Third

In this article, we will discuss movement in the defensive third of the field. Get the guide here.

Middle Third

As discussed, the majority of movement is performed in the middle or attacking thirds. In this article, we will discuss movement and mobility in the middle third. Get the guide here.

Attacking Third

When discussing movement and ability in the attacking third, it is vital we remember the critical areas in the attacking third. Get the guide here.

Rotations & Interchange

In this article, we discuss the importance of combining movements together within the game in order to unbalance the opposition to create space to be exploited. Get the guide here.

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