TCM Analysis: England v USA

Here's how the much-anticipated pan-Atlantic match unfolded.

Nov 28th 2022

Written by The Coaching Manual


England: 1-4-4-1-1

USA: 1-4-4-2


First Half Review

The much-anticipated game for both countries kicked off on Friday with much pride at stake for both countries. 

England began the match with much of the possession with very little impact on the USA, who were tight and compact, making it difficult for England to progress through the thirds. The first real chance, however, came in the 10th minute with a cutback from Saka to Kane, with Zimmerman blocking the shot. 

After 15 or so minutes, the tide began to turn for the USA having better possession of the ball, with a chance coming from a good header from Wright who just put it wide of the near post of Pickford.

Once again, it was the USA that were on the attack with the best chance of the half coming from Pulisic who rattled the bar with a fantastic shot from the edge of the box.

The half petered out with half-chances for both sides. England were left frustrated but the buoyant USA went into the break happier, as they were the better team for the majority of the half. 

The USA always looked like a threat on the break, with quick players in the attacking line. This article here will help you coach the priorities when counter-attacking.  

Second Half Review

It was the USA that started the stronger team, with McKennie blasting a ball high and wide. However, the USA were getting into the attacking third with better quality. England looked to sustain some possession, attempting to slow the game down and negate USA from counter-attacking to some success.

The USA continued their sustained pressure by forcing England back and outnumbering them in corners for the game 7 to 3.

England looked to change the game by bringing on Rashford, Grealish, and Henderson - gaining more possession of the ball with a different attacking threat.

The game finished even with both teams cancelling each other out, not the game most fans from both nations were expecting.

Specific Strategy - USA Pressing 

The USA did an excellent job with their energy to win the midfield battle with Adams and Musah. The press and compactness of the USA made life difficult for the England to build up in anyway, preventing England from playing through the middle of the field. 


To coach pressing in your team, use this session from David Moyes and Martin Hunter to be able to time the pressing at the right time:



The USA did a good job of sustaining possession, with the Adams moving into the back line to create a 3 and pushing Dest and Robinson higher up the field to create a 3-5-2. The fluidity of this movement helped separate the England midfield, allowing for better forward passes.

In this session by Andy Martino, coach players on how to move to create and exploit space:

Stats of the Game


The final group game for these teams will see England take on Wales and the USA play Iran on Tuesday.

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