Have you heard about the TopTekkers Championships?

You may have wondered "What are the TopTekkers Championships?"

Jun 29th 2022

Written by The Coaching Manual

You may have seen us posting about the TopTekkers Championships recently, and you also may have wondered: "What are the TopTekkers Championships?"

TopTekkers Championships is the holistic soccer competition for aspiring soccer players. As well as improving their ability and technique via the TopTekkers app, players get the opportunity to learn from experienced coaches and compete against players on a local, national, and international level!

The camps, hosted with partner clubs in Michigan, Alabama, Wisconsin, Utah, and California, have seen hundreds of young players put their skills to the test with the hopes of qualifying for the TopTekkers Championships National Finals later this year.


The in-person Championship events are supported by world-leading player development app TopTekkers, which helps and incentivizes players to practice at home.

Qualification for the latter stages of the TopTekkers Championships is achieved through a combination of on-field performance and in-app scores, so players are encouraged to put in the hard work away from the field, too.


TopTekkers is a training app for young players, which shows them how to learn soccer skills, motivates them to practice and keeps a track of their progress. TopTekkers guides players through the fundamentals of soccer in the right way - and rewards them for their improvement.

The challenges in the app were developed by English Premier League, UEFA A, and USSF A Licence coaches. The app is even used by professional academies in the EPL and MLS!

Those who qualify from the regional finals, will be invited to compete in the NATIONAL FINALS later this year, with the winners from that event progressing onto the prestigious INTERNATIONAL FINALS in Manchester, UK.

To read the story behind one success story we've had so far in the TopTekkers Championships, click here.

The TopTekkers app is perfect for players around 5-14 years old, who want to improve their skills and master the beautiful game! TopTekkers enables coaches and parents to help their young players be the best they can be by supporting their skill development. Players can earn trophies, develop new skills and even climb the leaderboards against their friends and players around the world.

For more information about the TopTekkers Championships and how your club can get involved, contact sales@toptekkers.com.

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