5 different ways your team can improve Offensively

In this article, we look at five different ways in which your team can improve aspects of their attacking play. Relevant sessions are then provided for each point, so you can use them with your players.

Nov 2nd 2021

Written by The Coaching Manual

1. Attacking From Wide Areas

Teams can get a lot of success from attacking down the wings but only if all the aspects of this type of attack are all working. Attacking with speed and conviction down the wings, supporting runs into the box, good deliveries into the danger area and ultimately accurate finishing.

The session below really focuses on developing the quality and accuracy of crossing to give the attackers in the box the best chance of scoring goals.

Attack From Wide Areas (13+)

Check out this short video from former Manchester United Assistant manager René Meunlensteen about crossing from wide areas.

2. Counter Attacking

Counter-attacking = The moment a team regains possession of the ball whilst the opposition (previously in possession) are out of balance due to their positioning being set up for their attacking phase.

When exploited properly teams can create clear cut chances on goal in a small number of passes. Understanding the priorities when counter attacking and how to focus on developing these in players is key when trying to improve offensively.

The Coaching Manual has so many great sessions on counter attacking including masterclasses from Chris Hughton and Alan Irvine. The sessions below are also to great to check out if you want to explore some different coaches and age groups.

Counter Attacking (5-8)

Counter Attacking (9-12)

Counter Attacking (13+)

3. 1v1 Attacking

If players can improve their 1v1 attacking then they will get lots of joy in the final third whether that’s beating a defender to have a chance to shoot on goal or to play a teammate in on goal.

Check out this useful session so you can coach your players on how to be more effective in 1v1 situations and beat defenders.

Attacking in 1v1 Situation (5-8)

This infographic is also useful to show to your attacking players so they can work on developing their 1v1 play and get more success in the final third.

4. Attacking Overloads

Attacking with pace and utilising an extra player to unbalance the opposition defence can be very effective. It is key for the attacking players in and out of possession to be positive and move with speed.

Check out this guide to explore the different types of attacking overloads and how to create them in games.

Why not check out this fantastic Attacking Overloads Masterclass by Michael Appleton so you can coach your players on how to utilise this style of play.

5. Pressing From The Front

If done right, pressing from the front can be so effective for the attacking units. Pressing the opposition team high up the pitch can force them into mistakes so the ball can be won in dangerous positions and therefore lead to chances on goal. Check out this guide to learn more about the benefits of pressing from the front.

The following sessions will help you to coach your players when to recognise certain triggers of when to go and press the ball.

Pressing From The Front As A Team (13+)

Pressing From The Front (13+)

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