5 Different Ways Your Team Can Improve In The Midfield Area

In this article, we look at five different ways in which your team can improve aspects of their midfield play. Relevant content and sessions are then provided for each point, so you can use them with your players.

Oct 26th 2021

Written by The Coaching Manual

1. Defending in Midfield Areas

Focusing on how players defend in the middle third is a good way to improve in the midfield. If done right it prevents the opposition from playing forward into the final third.

The following sessions will allow you to teach your players how to stay compact in the middle third, remain disciplined and how to cut passing lanes out.

Compactness in the middle third (13+)

Defending in Midfield Areas (9+)

2. Turning to play forward

In most situations on the pitch central midfield players will receive the ball facing their own goal, so coaching them to turn on the ball and begin to play forward is hugely important when focusing on improving midfield play.

Follow the link below and discover a fantastic 3-part session that initially focuses on developing a players' receiving skills and eventually progresses into a small-sided game with a big focus on receiving on the half-turn and playing penetrating passes into the forwards.

Midfielders Turning To Play Forward (13+)

3. Holding Midfield

Holding midfield or defensive midfield is such an important role in almost every formation. These players should be comfortable when they receive the ball in tight areas, have a good first touch and have a good range of passing. Check out this article as it explores the role in more detail specifically in the 4-4-2 diamond formation.

This infographic is also useful to your players who play in this position so they can better understand dither roles and responsibilities.

4. Attacking Midfield

The ‘number 10’ role or attacking midfield role is again a hugely important position within the team. It is often the link between the midfield unit and the forward line. This infographic is great to show to your attacking midfielders so they know what to work on in order to become the best they can be in their position.

The following practice is to use with your players to develop their play as they move from midfield to the attack.

Playing Through the Middle Third Modified Game (13+)

5. Combining in Midfield Areas

Developing combinations is a key component of improving play in the midfield areas, it allows players in these positions to combine creatively and create the foundations for sustained attacks.

Check out the link below for a quick practice on how to develop your midfield players’ understanding of weight of passing, timing of passing and different types of passing so they can combine effectively. 

Combining in Midfield Areas (9+)

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