Team Defending: Communication

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Team Defending: Communication

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Team Defending:  Communication Practice

Set-up a ~20x30 grid with a ~10m end-zone.

Start 3 defenders in the smaller section and 3 passers in the larger section.

The passers will combine and the defenders will move as a unit to press the ball.

Defenders should tell each other "Shift right, Shift left, Drop, Press, Step up” etc.

The defenders will drop if an attacking player can receive the ball and play a long pass into the end-zone.

If you have a GK, they can stand behind the defending players. The attackers can play the long pass into the GK's hands.

Guided Questions

  • Who applies pressure?
  • Who provides cover? Where?
  • Who is providing balance? Where?
  • When to drop?
  • When to step up?
  • What should be the angle of approach?
  • How fast to approach?
  • What is the distance of approach?
  • What is the angle of recovery?
  • How to get compact when the ball is wide?
  • How to get compact when the ball is central?

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