Running With The Ball: Technical Warm Up

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Running With The Ball: Technical Warm Up

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Running With The Ball: Technical Warm Up

Set-up a 20x20 grid.

Give each player a soccer ball and ask them to dribble around the area.

Coach can call out or show moves that the players then perform.

Feint moves:

  • Shimmy/"Matthews" (fake inside/take outside)
  • Fake and take/"Messi" (fake outside/take across body)
  • Scissors/"Ronaldo" (circle ball/take with other foot)

Turning moves:

  • Outside cut/"Xavi"
  • Inside cut/"Rooney"
  • Drag back/"Puskas"
  • Hook turn/"Cruyff" (inside cut behind standing leg)


Coaches command players to speed dribble around a tall cone/flag/pole and get back into the middle.

Guided Questions

  • How do we dribble fast over distance?
  • Why do we turn?
  • Which way is best to turn?
  • What should we check before we turn?
  • How quickly should we accelerate after changing directions?

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