Final Third Combinations: Small-Sided Game

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Final Third Combinations: Small-Sided Game

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Final Third Combinations: Small-Sided Game

Set-up on half a field. Place a goal on the end-line and one on the halfway-line.

Mark out the thirds of the pitch.

Play 4v4 plus GKs.

Teams start with 1 attacker in the final third and 1 defender in their own defensive third. Remaining players start in the midfield third.

Players can advance out of their zone by combining with a teammate.

Guided Questions

  • When do we pass to our teammate where do we play the ball?
  • What is your body position to receive the ball?
  • What surface do we use to pass the ball?
  • When should you use one touch?
  • When do you check to receive the ball?
  • When should you pass?
  • When should you dribble?
  • When do we penetrate quickly?
  • When and how should we combine with our teammates to get a scoring chance?
  • How can we quickly move the ball, or combine to find space and positive numbers?
  • How can you receive the ball into space and away from defenders?
  • What should be the angle of support?
  • How can you attack quickly and catch the defending team numbers down?

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