Defending Crosses: Small Sided Game

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Defending Crosses: Small Sided Game

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Soccer Drill Diagram

4 players inside the area. A further 8 players are around the outside, 2 per each side of the pitch.

1 player in each pair on the outside has a ball (i.e. a total of 4 balls in play simultaneously). He acts as both ‘server’ and ‘receiver’ by throwing the ball into one of the inside players and receiving/catching the ball back from that player.

The aim for the 4 players on the pitch is to move around receiving the ball on the move and volley it straight back to the man on the outside. They must then move within the area to receive the ball from a different outside player each time.

Run the sequence for 30 seconds before rotating the players.


Active players on the pitch now play the ball back to the other man within the pair on the outside.

Same exercise but this time head it back (“clear”).

Skill Development

Communication, movement, control, game understanding.

Coaching Points

  • Move around the full area
  • Attack the ball, deal with it as early as possible
  • Technique of return
  • Deal with the ball whilst you are moving
  • (P) Get outside the line of the ball to make it easier to return

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