Creating Chances From Wide Areas: Warm-Up

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Creating Chances From Wide Areas: Warm-Up

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Creating Chances From Wide Areas: Warm-Up

Set-up a ~20x20 grid. Place a ball on each side-line.

All players start on the perimeter of the grid.

Players with a ball pass across the grid to any open player. The passer follows their pass.

Every 90 seconds change the pattern:

  • Round 2: you cannot pass to anyone directly across from you.
  • Round 3: after your pass, you do not follow your pass but you must move to a new side of the field.
  • Round 4: coach may introduce a combination into the pattern.

Use as many balls as the players can manage successfully.

Guided Questions

  • How can you receive the ball to change directions?
  • Why is it important to get your first touch away from your body?
  • What is the advantage of playing the ball on the ground?
  • When would playing the ball through the air make sense?

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