Creating Chances From Central Areas: Small-Sided Game

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Creating Chances From Central Areas: Small-Sided Game

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Creating Chances From Central Areas: Small Sided Game

Set-up a ~50x70 pitch with a large goal on each end-line.

Play 7v7.

When attacking teams play GK-3-1-2, when defending teams play GK-4-2.

Encourage players to identify opportunities to play through the central areas, and opportunities to break out of the central areas and use the channels.

Guided Questions

  • What determines the type of pass you will utilize? What part of your foot?
  • What makes a good pass?
  • What do players do before receiving a ball?
  • How should a player's body be when receiving? Where is their first touch?
  • When do players off the ball make their run/check to the ball?
  • How do you commit a defender towards the ball?
  • How does an attacking team know when to attack in the central channel?
  • When and how to penetrate?
  • Where and when to support
  • When, where and why to make runs?
  • How and why to use improvisation?

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