Build Up Through Thirds: 4v4 Game

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Build Up Through Thirds: 4v4 Game

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Build Up Through Thirds: 2v2 Four Goal Game

Set-up a field with a small goals on each end-line.

Mark out the middle third.

Play 4v4. Teams start in a 1-2-1 formation.

If the ball is won in the defensive third, teams must play into the midfield third before they can shoot on goal.

Goal = 1 point.

Goal after combination play = 5 points.

Guided Questions

  • How are players off the ball creating space in the attack?
  • What attacking shape should we have?
  • What will a player on the ball take into consideration when deciding to advance the ball?
  • How are the receiving player’s body positions?
  • Where should their first touch be?

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