Build Up From The Back: 8v5 Game

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Build Up From The Back: 8v5 Game

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Build Up From The Back: 8v5 Game

Set-up a pitch with a large goal on one end-line and another large goal ~10m inside the opposite half.

Add a gate in each of the wide areas.

1 team has a GK, 4 defenders and 3 midfielders.

Opposing team has a GK, 3 midfielders and 1 attacker.

The team of 8 plays towards the halfway line. They must play through one of the gates before attacking the goal in their opponent's half.

The team of 5 plays towards the goal on the end-zone.

Guided Questions

  • How do you determine whether to play direct or build up wide?
  • Coach must always watch for proper technique of the first touch and quality of pass.

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