Build Up From The Back: 6v3 Game

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Build Up From The Back: 6v3 Game

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Build Up From The Back: 6v3 Game

Set-up a half pitch with one large goal on the end-line and three small goals on the halfway line. Mark a score-zone ~10m inside the half.

1 team has a GK, 4 defenders and 1 midfielder.

Opposing team has 3 attackers.

If the team of 6 can play into the score-zone they can score in any of the small goals.

If the team of 3 wins the ball, they can try to score in the large goal. All restarts come from the GK.

Guided Questions

  • How should players support each other?
  • When and how should we recycle the passing pattern?
  • When should we skip a pass and hit a longer one?
  • When the can the FB run with the ball or connect with team-mates?
  • When, where and what can the CB and MF do to support the FB’?

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