Ball Manipulation: Dribbling Grids

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Ball Manipulation: Dribbling Grids

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Ball Manipulation: Dribbling Grids

Set-up a grid with four ~15x10 areas.

In each area 3 players have a ball each. Players dribble, trying to keep their ball under control in the tight space.

At the coach’s direction dribblers change direction, turn, accelerate or perform a move.

Guided Questions

  • How can you use all surfaces of the foot? (inside, outside, laces, sole, toe, heel)
  • How do you keep the ball close and in control?
  • How/when do you use the outside of the foot and the laces for speed to beat an opponent?
  • How do you execute a feint to unbalance the defender and dribble past him/her with a burst of speed?
  • What are the Visual Cues to take on opponent?
    • Free space in front
    • 1v1 with no defender behind
    • Near the box
  • What are the Verbal Cues?
    • "Take space"
    • "Time"
    • "Take him on"
  • When and why do you attack the defender at pace?
  • How and where can you be creative and take risks?
  • How do you set the defender up?

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